Day 4: Rivers, Heat, and Team Hooky


Belle Isle near Richmond Virginia


Woke up today at 6:20am and set out to cleaning out our temporary home and packing for the day.  Our route today was only 23 miles to Petersburg, VA, but we had to get out of the cathedral by 9am today.  After our dedication circle, we set out to the park to relax and enjoy the day as we had to contact the host at 10am to check-in to see when we could get there.  The host told us of a river that we could go to that we could wade in that was called Belle Isle only a mile away.  So myself and two other teammates decided to check out the river while the rest of the team scoured the area to look for food donations.  It’s hard to describe how awesome it was to just jump on our bikes and check out this beautiful river, but hopefully the picture helps out.





Team Hooky at the end of our ride

Team Hooky at the end of our ride

It was absolutely amazing to just relax in the water with it rushing over. Wish I could do that after every ride, but unfortunately I cannot.  We stayed for about a hour when we decided we should head back to park because the rest of the team wanted to hit the road again for our next destination.  By the time we got back to the host, most of the team had left and it was us and one other group that still had not left yet.  Fortunately for us Team Hooky (Our group name for the day) were made up of powerful and talented people and were able to absolutely crush the ride for the day.  We were the last to leave for the day, and city was quite treacherous to ride through from potholes, distracted drivers, and the occasional weaving through pedestrians.  We were able to reach Route 1 after a little detour from the directions that actually saved us a large chunk of time from route so much so that we were able to pass 2 other groups who followed the directions.  On a side note, it’s incredibly hard to plan out these routes because you have never been to the towns before and we have no idea if there is any road closure, or the quality of the roads so shout out to our leg leaders who do all the planning.  Now, back to the story.  We reached Route 1 and completely raced through the rest of the way because it was a straight shot to Petersburg.  We probably averaged around 16ish mph and I reached a max downhill speed of about 34 mph.   The answer is yes, I might have broken a few speed limits on those downhills (sorry mom).


Anyways, we were the first to make it to our host at the YMCA in Petersburg in 2 hours flat including water stops, short breaks, and the annoying red light.  The hosts here are absolutely amazing, and it still blows my mind that these people are so generous with the food they give us and the facilities they provide for our use.  After my ride today I went out for a short run, as I have been doing the past few days, just to get a scope of the town.  I think it is so interesting to see the different lives different people live within big cities such as Richmond, to smaller towns in Petersburg.  Anyways it is about time for me to clean my bike and get ready for the next adventure tomorrow where we ride 71 miles to Farmville, VA.



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