Day 9: A Scorcher for the Record Books

Got a picture with Dean!!

Got a picture with Dean!!

Should have listened to all of the Mama Bears on my team and probably should have put on more sunscreen then what I originally hadplanned on because it was ridiculously hot outside today.  We woke up at 5:30 am like most days and were able to clean, pack, and eat a scrumptious meal that Dean had provided for us.  However, Mother Nature was not on our side as we looked outside to see it absolutely down pouring.  Biking in the rain can be much more dangerous, as you have to be conscious about biking around drivers swerving, taking turns easier, and being conscious of a longer braking distance.  The rain eventually subsided into a light sprinkle before we left and completely stopped several minutes after the start of our ride.  The roads were still pretty slick by lunch time so we still had to be very careful, but nobody got hurt because of the roads today.

Waiting on Kenny to fix his tire…


After the rain cleared up, it was time for Team Work (Clever I know) to put some miles on the road as it turned into a brutal day to be riding.  Fortunately, my team was made up of Allison, Kenny, and Dayna and we were all strong cyclist with a positive outlook on our 82 miler day from Raleigh, NC to Fayatteville, NC as we had to deal with mechanical issues (All from Kenny…) that included a flat tire and a broken spoke nipple, to unpredictable weather from a high of 95 degrees and brutal headwinds for our last 20 miles of our ride.  I felt that I have pushed myself more mentally and physically today, than I have for this trip so far.  I have never experienced anything as worse as riding on a straight highway with no curves, facing head winds making it seem like you are accomplishing little even though you are exerting the most amount of effort as possible.   Even though it was a struggle, Team Work got it done even though we were the last to arrive at the host location.  I have never felt so exhausted after biking on this trip until today…I didn’t even feel like running when we arrived!  Luckily, it’s a van day for me tomorrow so I will be looking forward to resting and recovering.  Until next time loyal readers!



Team Work finishing out strong! With a little photo bomb by Spokey as well




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