Day 10: More Heat, Not Enough Food

Team with the Mayor of Rockingham!

Hey gang! So today was completely crazy, and I was not able to take any pictures on my own phone 😦 sad I know, but I have a reason. Also on a side note, I am biking 100 miles tomorrow, which will be a huge accomplishment so I have to type this up fast.  So today I had the opportunity to be in the food van with Micaela so that we could scourer the local fast food joints and restaurants to find food donations for lunch while chalking on the ground ahead of them to lead them in the right direction and to check ahead to ensure that the roads are ride-able for the cyclists coming through.

It is a very stressful job as I found out because our directions took us to non-existent and untraversable roads.  Furthermore, we rely on food donations to provide lunch to our riders and ensure the all of the money we raised can go directly to the Ulman Cancer Fund.  Unfortunately, we have no idea if we are going to get food or not and our team depends on us to get them food.

(Sorry I’m all over the place, hopefully I can edit this later.)

So Micaela and I started off our day chalking, found a road to have disappeared in front of our eyes that Google Maps said was there.  So we had to quickly look at a map and plan a detour for our riders.  After we mapped out a detour and chalked it, we scavenged the area for food.  Long story short, I loathe fast food joints.  Not a single one could manage to spare even a little bit of food and after 2 hours and 14 eateries later, we managed to bring 2 pizzas and 4 subs to our teammates from mom and pop shops we stopped at.  I hoped it was enough, because it is the worse feeling in the world not to be able to support your team when they count on you the most during that time of the day.  It was a rough day for the entire team as well as it was reaching the mid-90s by lunchtime and the team had to bike an extra 20 miles due to the poor route Google gave us (definitely not trusting Google anymore…).  Even though it was a rough day, our host was amazing and even got us a police escort into the town for the last few miles!  It was pretty cool driving behind the riders and seeing the entire way cleared for them.  At the host, the mayor of Rockingham (Oh yeah the trip was 70ish miles for the cyclist today) came out to meet us and even got the pool to stay open late so we can quick dip in after dinner!  It was a pretty rough day for me and the team overall, but with every low point comes a high point, and I can’t wait to jump back on my tomorrow to complete my first century (100 miles on a bike)!!!


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