Day 11: 100 Miles Later

Photo: Team Numero Uno Day 11 of 70

Team Numero Uno! Great picture we took at the first water stop

Our police escort out of Rockingham!

Wow I feel absolutely amazing.  I can now cross off trying to cycle over 100 miles in one day off my bucket list.  However, this is 4k life, and it isn’t just biking 100 miles that has made this day so great.  First off we got a police escort out of Rockingham!  It was an early morning because we had to wake up at 4:30am to beat the heat as much as possible, but the hosts gave us a great breakfast and even a better send-off!  We even had several articles written about that you can check out here and here! It was so awesome to ride behind a police car and having the entire path be cleared for 25 miles ahead of us.  I finally didn’t have to worry about a semi or a distracted driver trying to run me over on the highway!  Unfortunately they could only get us so far and we had to start fighting for our space on the road again, but it was still cool while it lasted and being able to legally run red lights.   Anyways, Team Numero Uno (Kirk, Spokey, Dayna, and myself) began to take the back roads and  begin trucking through the back roads through hills and small towns in order to make up as much ground as possible before the heat set in.  When 11 o’clock rolled around, we had went 49 miles in about 4.5 hours and stopped for lunch in order to let for the rest of the team to catch up and get some rest before the hardest part of the day: The afternoon heat.  We left the lunch stop right before noon and  began our journey once again to the next water stop, and ultimately our host, however misfortune overtook our group as Spokey broke a spoke and had to get into one of the vans because we couldn’t do the repair on the spot.  After the short delay we headed to the next water stop for a quick break and to recharge our batteries and everything was going fine until just after the next water stop at 75 miles into our ride.

Official trip mileage! Proof I actually went this far

At our water stop 75 miles in, we notice these large dark clouds rolling in over the horizon and knew it spelled trouble.  After riding for a couple of miles, it started drizzling and then suddenly raining cats and dogs.  We obviously couldn’t ride in that weather, so we pulled into a driveway to wait out the downpour.  After 10 minutes, the storm began to clear up and we started off once again as it was only drizzling at this point.  Riding when it’s wet out is quite dangerous, and it was even worse because we were biking along the highway with no shoulder and traffic flowing around you at 60 mph.  It became even crazier because it started to rain again, but we didn’t want to stop because we were so close and stopping would just create a bigger delay in our arrival and we would be wet longer and even more exhausted. So we pushed forward.   During this time, I couldn’t believe how careless drivers were as they would pass us with barely enough space to maneuver with even some of them honking at us.  I had never thought I was so close to be in an accident from biking then this day.  Furthermore, since we were biking in our team, it becomes increasingly dangerous because stopping becomes harder and communication of further danger becomes crucial between teammates.  Even though this was dangerous, I had a great team and we made it to the host just fine and in great spirits (so nobody freak out please).  I had an amazing team and it felt so amazing to see the 100 miles on my bike computer.  Overall it was a great day and when arrived at our host in Gastonia, NC (102 miles total!), they had beer and wine for us to drink during dinner!  This trip has been amazing so far, and I can’t wait to wake up in the morning each day and ride to the next town


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