Day 14 – 15: The Following 48 Hours

As I mentioned in my previous blog post, Jamie Roberts had passed away on June 13th, 2014 in an unfortunate series of events.  Because of seriousness of the situation, 4k was suspended for 48 hours and we could not ride our bikes at all during this time.  4k for Cancer and The Ulman Cancer Fund staff handled the situation very well in my opinion, which is where I will start the story today.

P.S. I don’t have any pictures for these days so sorry for the boring read!

Day 14: A rough day for everyone

A great graphic someone created to commemorate Jamie

Because of the ban, we had to shuttle from Clemson, SC to Athens, GA.  So in the morning we packed up all of our bags and tents and prepared everything to be shuttled to our next host.  The previous night we were told that a member of the 4k staff will be joining our team in the morning to explain the entire situation and be available to answer any questions or console anybody who needed it.  Stephan Hersey, the program manager for 4k, arrived at the beach around noon and explain everything in it’s entirety.  He is a great leader, and really helped everyone understand the situation.  After the meeting, we set off to the next host with our bikes on the roof of the van and not on the road.  I’m sorry to say I do not have any crazy stories or anything really fun to write about because there was not much we could do.  After arriving at the host we unpacked both vans, and one of them set back out to pick up the other half of the group that had to stay behind because we couldn’t fit everyone in one trip.  That night was pretty uneventful, but we did go over a lot of safety measures and bike handling skills that are nice to touch up on.  We even had a UCF board member come out to us to hang with us the next few days.  She was an amazing person as well who had a lot of experience cycling and really provided another person to talk to about anything we had in mind.  She is even a triathlete like me! Hopefully I can do a race with her in the near future.  Anyways, a pretty uneventful evening and we hit the sack pretty early to get on the road again to shuttle to Atlanta, GA.

Day 15: A day at the zoo

The morning was again pretty routine, except for the fact we had to leave the church by 9 am because they had service later in the morning.  We had to shuttle everyone to Atlanta, so we packed everything up again and the vans headed out.  I stayed behind with Taylor and Allison because we couldn’t load up all the bikes in one trip so some people had to stay back and help out with loading the bikes back on the van when it returned.  It takes about 1 1/2 hours to get to Atlanta from Athens so we had some time to kill when the vans left.  We decided to take a very long 3 mile walk to a local zoo where they rescue animals around Georgia!  It was pretty fun and afterwards we went to a duck pond right next to it to wait until the van picked us up.  After the vans picked us up, I was the designated driver to Atlanta which was a little unfortunate because my entire crew fell asleep on me (My music kept me company though).  We arrived in Atlanta and unpacked everything and headed to a local bar which was pretty fun.  Not much else happened that day though as we were just exhausted from shuttling all day.


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