Day 22-24: 3 States in 3 Days (Soon to be 4)

Today is the day! I have finally caught up on my blog (round of applause please).  Anyways, I am going to try make this quick because we are going to New Orleans tomorrow!  I can’t believe that after tomorrow we would have gone through Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana all within 4 days!  Of course I have to enjoy this while I can because we are going to be in Texas for 13 days (It’s a pretty big state apparently).  So let me stop distracting myself and start telling you about the past 3 days.

Day 22: The beauty of the Gulf

Sums up our day pretty well

We had a scheduled rest day in Pensacola, FL (and a much needed one after the previous day) so we had to jump on the opportunity of seeing the Gulf of Mexico.  The beach was gorgeous and nothing that can be compared to on the east coast because the water was so calm and much warmer than the Atlantic, plus the water was clear enough so you can see all the schools of fish swim around you!  It was an awesome experience and I hope to visit again soon.  All day we just lounged around on the beach and enjoyed a few drinks with a few cheers to our success of making it all the way to the Gulf.  It was not an eventful day, but it gave us just enough rest for us to continue our mission and make it to San Diego.

Day 23: Back to ‘Bama

Photo: Since we wake up at unnatural hours everyday we have "late night" bike maintenance.

Helping out some fellow teammates with their bikes

After a much needed rest day, it was time to hit the roads again for a 77 mile ride to Mobile, AL.  Team Overlords (Stoney, Erika, and Michelle being the Supreme Overlord) set off on relatively flat grounds and and back-country roads.  The problem with the back roads is that sometimes Google does not realize they don’t exist anymore, plus some of the roads are just dirt or clay and riding through it causes a terrible mess on the bike that you have to clean later (and nobody likes the extra work).  Anyways, everything was going smooth until Michelle got a flat in her back tire around mile 20.  Fortunately, we were near a gas station and were able to pull into it while we waited for her to change her flat.  It was a good thing that we pulled into a gas station, because somebody asked what we were doing and donated $20 to our trip!  It’s awesome to see how our influence affects other people to help the cause we support, just by riding our bikes!  The rest of the day was pretty smooth except for when we reached the city, and the directions once again got a little confusing.  No fear for the Overloads though as we were able to safely navigate to the YMCA to enjoy our stay there.

Day 24: Mississippi here we come (and there we go)

The line never ends to take pictures at state lines…


It’s crazy to think about how we show up in one state late in the day, and then leave it by the morning.  I definitely wish I could sight-see more on this trip, but I guess I will just have to do it again.  We woke up bright and early today at 5 am (waking up for school is going to be no problem now) and left the Y around 7 for a short (short for us at least) 66 mile ride into Biloxi, MI.  The beauty of the coast is how flat it is, however, the problem is the headwinds we face as I previously mentioned.  It was really funny that as soon as we crossed into Mississippi, we faced these terrible headwinds that forced us to travel only 12-15 mph for the majority of the trip.  I was in good hands though with Michelle, Bri, and our latest

Had to go over this bridge today while battling the wind


newcomer Lisa as we trekked through some nasty winds and an enormous bridge safely to our destination to a huge Baptist church in town.  All in all it was a good day except for riding through some wet clay and getting my bike all dirty again after thoroughly cleaning it the previous day.  It’s tough trying to upkeep everything, but I think I would rather have a working bike and less sleep than one that constantly breaks (as some people on my team experience).  Anyways I have to finish up this blog, fold some clean clothes (finally), and get ready for bed all in preparation for our 4:30 am wake up call in the morning.


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