Days 25 – 26: NOLA Here We Come!

Day 25: And they said this trip wasn’t a race…

Got the whole team in this picture!

But it is.  Not the typical race though where you are competing against other humans, but against Mother Nature.  Last year’s team took a little more northern route and did not have the opportunity to travel all the way down to the Gulf, and suggested to us that we should to make it all the way down this year.  The problem with traveling all the way down here is that there is ALWAYS a chance of thunderstorms on a daily basis in the afternoons and early evening.  Waiting for a thunderstorm to pass is never fun though, so it’s always good to make it to the host as soon as possible (at least that’s my opinion of course).  Today was especially evident on the need to hurry, as we unfortunately got caught in a little storm at the end of the day.  We all started off from our host around 7 am and made my way across another state line as I was with “Team Keeping the Fun in Dysfunctional” (Tyler, Kenny, Lisa, Allison, Jackie, and myself).  We didn’t initially come up with that name, as most team names come with a story attached to it.

4 states in 4 days!

Our story was quite the crazy one as we keep getting ourselves into unfortunate situations throughout the day.  It all started off with Lisa accidentally swerving into my bike and bending a spoke in my front tire around mile 30 causing a small delayed in our travels after checking to make sure everything was OK with my bike.  After replacing my spoke at the next water stop, we were able to hit the roads again, only to find out that Lisa had a flat tire.  It was a quick change, but still caused a small delay again.

Repairing another flat on the road

About 5 miles after the first change Lisa got a flat another flat tire which we had to change again.  It’s funny to because she bought some expensive tires for her bike that is SUPPOSE to help prevent flats when she is one of few that has the highest flat counts (no judgement though, I still like riding with her) on our team.  Anyways, we continued along our route until we finally crossed into Louisiana!  We had officially crossed 4 states in 4 days and we felt pretty accomplished with that fact.  We had a lunch stop at the state line too so it was good place to relax before getting back on the road again.  About 5 miles down the road, Lisa got ANOTHER flat (That’s 3 flats in day) and we had to stop again to help her figure out the problem was a small metal wire being stuck her tire.   She changed the flat again and we were able to get back on the road for a little while until Kenny crashed us bike after running into a grove in the middle of the road.  He was fine and there wasn’t any serious damage to be found, so after a quick breather, we were able to once more get back on the road.  It was (almost) smooth-sailing from there, and we still had high spirits cruising along the Louisiana roads and crazy tall bridges.  Unfortunately when we were about 6 miles away from the host, we saw lightening in the distance and had to pull over until the storm passed, delaying our arrival once again.  It was a good time waiting out the storm after we started giving each other riddles and killed the time that way.  As soon as the storm cleared, we were able to head off once again to NOLA and hopefully to our final destination.  We even took a ferry across the Mississippi River which was a lot of fun too!  It wouldn’t be a complete day though unless we got one more flat, and Kenny was the man to do it.  As soon as we got off the ferry, Kenny got a flat and we had to change it, and we were less than 2 miles away from the host too.  We finally made it to host after 2 small crashes, 4 flat tires, and 1 huge thunderstorm, but all in all it was a fun day and night as well as we all went out to see Bourbon Street!

Day 26: Rest days are the best days

Had to get a proof that I went here

Woke up at 9:30 am and it was the best.  Never thought I could sleep in this late after waking up so early all the time, but I did it.  It feels great to be rejuvenated and ready for the day without having to get on a bike later.  The gang decided to explore The French Quarter in NOLA, so we all got ready and headed over to try and catch the US soccer game playing at 11 am our time.  As soon as we got there, we all split up to see different things, so I went with the Quad Squad to the Market Cafe to catch the second half of the soccer game.  After a tough loss (but we still made it to the Round of 16!) we headed over to the famous Cafe Du Monde to grab a coffee (not really worth the $4.75 in my opinion) and explore the town some more.  It was a pretty relaxing day as we didn’t do much and just hang out with each other.  It’s going to be needed too because we have another century tomorrow taking us to Baton Rouge, LA.

Found this funny picture in a local bike shop


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