Days 28 – 29:

I know I’ve fallen behind again, but the past few days have been exhausting with the late time we have been arriving at the host.  It’s a rough life, but we are going to pull through this together so I can get everyone all caught up on my shenanigans.

Day 28: Driving all day is exhausting 

Today I had the opportunity to drive the food van again with my partner-in-crime Heather and we were in charge of gathering food for lunch for our riders who were travelling 90 miles to Lafayette, LA.  Being in the food van isn’t too exciting so I’m sorry ahead of time that this day won’t be as exciting as the previous days’.  Some of the responsibilities that the food van includes cleaning/walking through the host after everyone has left, find food donations and deliver them to the riders, and drop off all the luggage at the next host.  It may not seem like a lot, but it takes all day to accomplish.  After cleaning up at the host, Heather and I undertook the most important duty, which is to find some food.  We went to Lafayette looking for food and unfortunately were met with a lot of “Sorry, but you have to go through corporate.”  It’s pretty frustrating, because the paperwork won’t go through for several weeks and by that time we will be long gone from the town we were just at.  Anyways, we had some very generous patrons at several locations were turned down from to donate money to us and were able to buy lunch of pizza and fruits to our riders.  After dropping off the lunch for our courageous riders, we headed off to the host and finish our duties for the day (or so we thought).  The host was very nice when we arrived and we quickly dropped off everyone’s gear.  The host was not able to provide dinner for us, so Heather was able to get in contact with her relatives who own a local grocery store and were able to get us a wonderful meal.  Also, one of the riders were able to contact a local friend who was able to give us even more food for dinner!  It was quite the feast, but before we could drop off the food, we had to pick up some bike tube donations for bike shops around the area.  Fortunate we were able to do that because two of the riders had flats and we were able to drop off some donated tubes to them.  After all that was said and done, we were finally able to drop off all the food just when the first ride group was pulling up.  After all the teams arrived, we had an amazing feast from all the food we picked up and took some hose showers in order to get ready for the next day.

Day 29: Time to go fast

10378542_10152939553748332_820047771473510248_nAfter a rest day in the van, I was feeling the need to go fast again to go the 88 miles to Lake Charles, LA.  We were able to pick our ride groups for the day and the Quad Squad (Dan, Matt, Brad, and myself for those that need to be reminded) decided we wanted to get to the host as soon as we can so we can have some time to relax when we arrive.  Tyler wanted to join us for the day, and we welcomed his company for the day’s ride.  We rolled out at about 7 am from the host and headed off at a pretty good pace to the first water stop.  We arrived first to the stop and found out the last group had a broken spoke and had to wait for them to catch up after they fixed it.  After a long water stop, we were able to head off once again to the next water stop.  On the way there, we rode up to a small bridge that had closed down for some construction.  Since it was Sunday there was no crew there and the bridge only had some minor damage, so we decided to just pass our bikes over the barrier and save some time instead of going on the detour (good thing we did because the detour contained a 2 mile long gravel road).  After taking some quick pictures, it was time to get back on the road and head off the next water stop.  By the time we arrived, the food van informed us that they had some food and were going to drop it off!  It was a pretty long break for lunch because we had to wait up for the last group again, but nothing to de-motivate us from our goal.  After a nutritious lunch, we left and IMG_20140629_083317_426decided to go unsupported the rest of the way in order to make it there as soon as we can.  It was good group because we were able to ride in a pace line again and able to cruise most of the way to the host and stopping off at local gas stations to fill up our water bottles when they were running low.  We were about 15 miles away from the host when we realized that Tyler was having trouble keeping up with us so we had to slow down a little so we wouldn’t drop him.  He was fine, and we took a little break about 12 miles away from the host so we could all catch our breath.  We took the last few miles pretty easy and made it to the host with plenty of time to relax, shower, and nap a little.  It always feels good getting to the host early, because it gives you so much free time to do other things besides the necessary items such as showering and eating.  The host was wonderful, but the trip is really tiring and it always great going to bed before 10 pm.


Unfortunately, it’s time for me to go to bed now here in Navasota, Texas, but no worries loyal readers, I’ll catch you all up as soon as I can!


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