Day 30 – 31: Can’t Call It the Lone Star State Anymore With All of Us There

Day 30: Can’t call it the Lone Star State anymore with all of us there

Enjoying the sun underneath the big blue sky

Today was the day that we could finally leave the awful past behind us in Louisiana.  After more flats, broken spokes, and other miscellaneous problems then I could count, we could finally cross another state line off our list and enter into a new land for more adventures.  Today I rode with Michelle, Simon, and Max as we started our 95 mile ride into Beaumont, TX.  Unfortunately, about 10 miles into our ride, Max got a flat so we had to change that quickly and get back on the road to play catch up because we were the last group.  Afterward the first water stop, we kept a pretty good pace throughout the rest of the day until we reached our lunch stop and found out that two of the groups missed a turn and went 12 miles the wrong way!  Unfortunately that holds everyone up as we had to wait for some of the team to be shuttled to our current location while 3 of the boys decided to stay on their bikes and play catch up.  That delay cost us about 2 hours, but I was able to use that time to take a quick cat nap underneath our canopy.  By that time we got back on the road, Jackie joined our group and the heat and the headwinds started to get worse but our group was able to push through as we took turns facing the headwinds.

This is what the locals call Rainbow bridge…and what we had to bike up

After our fourth water stop, the roads started to get a little more interesting as we had to start taking bridges over to get to our destination.  One of which I would never forget, because the town was called Bridge City and we had to cross this one bridge called Rainbow bridge.  As you can imagine, this bridge was ENORMOUS as we had never seen anything like it as a team.  As you might have expected though, we were able to conquer and prevail over this bridge and enjoy our victory on the other side with our last water stop as we were only about 20 miles away from the host.  After our final water stop, we pushed the pace all the way to street right outside the host because there was news station crew there to film our team rolling into the host!  We felt like celebrities as members of the church were cheering us on as we entered as the camera was rolling for our arrival.  The host was absolutely amazing as we had a delicious dinner, free massages, and we even had our laundry done for us! I am always so amazed and thankful that people would do something like this us as I won’t forgot about this host anytime soon.


Day 31: I had the most amazing shower…

The boys doing some push-ups at a water stop

But I will have to tell you that later after telling you about my ride.  It all started off to eating some of the most amazing bacon I will ever have.  I wish I could bring the person who cooked that meat wherever I went, but I know it was sadly impossible.  Although I wasn’t able to take any bacon to-go, I was ready to go the 87 miles to Houston, TX with Brad, Heather, Eric, and Kevin.  About 10 miles in our ride, Kevin popped a tube and we had to pull off to the side of the road for him to change it.  He had some bad tires though so after trying to install a new tube, he got another flat after putting some pressure on it and called it a day and had the van pick him up because he didn’t want to spend anymore money on tubes.  This caused a considerable delay on our travels and we had to pick up the pace a little bit so we didn’t hold up the team anymore.  Kirstin joined our group at the first water stop because she had to see a doctor about some discomfort in her eye and Max joined as well as he was having some mechanical problems earlier.  The rest of the day went by pretty smoothly until after the third water stop and Heather got a flat and her spoke nipple broke as well.  Heather decided to go into the van as well because she also didn’t want to spend anymore money on tubes that she would have to take from other people.  Although it caused a considerable delay, I was able to watch the demise of the U.S. soccer team lose in overtime during the world cup.  By this time, we were we pretty far behind so we pushed the pace a little to make up some time.  As soon as we got off the highway, we began taking some back roads in the city and one had a crazy mess of train tracks and Brad got a flat while going over them.  Fortunately, he is an expert mechanic and was able to change it quickly as we looked at a map to find out we went a little out of our way, but nothing that a quick detour couldn’t fix.  As soon as we got back on track, we were able to make it our host in Houston with no other problems and were immediately shuttled to different church members houses for showers.  The house that I went to had the most AMAZING shower I will ever experience (until I get one into my house).  This shower had 4 different shower heads so that water would spray you from to toe.  I could write a whole blog post on this one shower I experienced, but I don’t have time for it.  After this amazing shower, I we were then shuttled back to the host for some amazing Tex-Mex food (because apparently we had to have some) and that was glorious as well as I filled my stomach with 2 plates of it.  By that time my team and I were exhausted and we called it a night.


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